Consultant Psychiatrist, Oxford and London

Specialty: Bipolar Disorder; Depression; Schizophrenia; Psychotic Illness; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; General Psychiatry; Anxiety Disorders; Private Consultant Psychiatrist; Oxford


Alan has published more than 33 articles in the field largely on mood disorders, bipolar disorder and depression, his work being cited in more than 2500 publications and one of his papers having received more than 600 scientific citations alone.

A list of his publications can be viewed here.


Clinical Areas: Bipolar Disorders, Depression,  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, All Adult Mental Health.

Locations: London and Oxford

A psychiatrist who trained in Edinburgh and Cambridge including with the Medical Research Council and University of Cambridge. Alan lives in Oxford UK where he has worked as a clinician and in Oxford University.

Alan has a broad experience in adult psychiatry having had input at NHS consultant level to general practices covering central Oxford and much of the University for a number of years and before this when living in Cambridge. Recently he lived and worked for two years in a rural area of the West Highlands of Scotland.

Alan has wide experience of Adult General Psychiatry in a variety of settings. He also  has special interest and expertise is in the understanding and treatment of bipolar disorders and has been involved in the care of many hundreds of people with this problem including a period being responsible for running a specialist treatment unit in Cambridge for treatment resistant bipolar disorder and depression. He has published more than 33 articles in the area and his work has been cited in more than 2600 other publications

He has been a clinical expert adviser to the UK National Library for Health Mental Health Specialist Library and has taught at undergraduate and post-graduate levels in Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh Universities. He has appeared on the BBC and independent broadcast media relating to his work to do with both bipolar disorder and genetic susceptibility to mood disorders as well as medical ethics. He also has worked specifically with homeless and refugee populations in London and Oxford with high rates of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Alan was involved as founding director of Equilibrium -the Bipolar Foundation ( (this as an archive of the website) which launched in 2007 as a spin-out from Oxford University Department of Psychiatry. This organisation had a membership network of almost 4000 and contacts from more than 167 countries. Stephen Fry was  it’s International Ambassador.

He has experience of Private Practice in Psychiatry in Oxford and London over a number  of years from 2007 -2104 and had admission rights to Capio Nightingale Hospital in Marylebone where he also under took outpatient consultations.

He is currently involved in providing consultant services to the NHS and the private sector  based from Oxford and from December 2018 will commence bring available for private consultation at the Mayfield Clinic in Oxford.

A Patients Experience :When I had my first appointment with Dr Ogilvie I was in an utterly shambolic state. It followed my fourth severe manic episode and I was experiencing tail end mania, severe depression, chronically painful anxiety and PTSD. From the outset his skill and expertise was evident. His immediate medication intervention recognising, which was news to me, that bi-polar patients suffer specific individual conditions both in the nature,extent and symptoms provided me with an individual treatment plan. As critically from the first appointment and throughout my treatment has been his obvious empathy and support at and between appointments.

He has enabled me to recover far more quickly than had previously been the case following earlier manic episodes which had caused similar symptoms. I believe this recovery was helped as he had a universal awareness of new and developing treatment options which I agreed to follow because I trusted Dr Ogilvie’s opinion. Throughout my treatment he immediately recognised and treated the twisting symptoms my individual condition caused.

I am sure had I not received the skilled and empathetic treatment I did from Dr Ogilvie the suicidal thoughts and despair I experienced at times in the early days there could well have been a wholly different outcome.Now apart from obviously having to follow my medication regime I no longer feel haunted by having bi-polar as had previously been the case and for periods even forget that I have the condition. I believe is because Dr Ogilvie has made me feel safe and secure.” Anonymous


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Phone: +44  (0)77333 04978

Dr Ogilvie will be consulting at the Mayfield Clinic in Oxford from November 2018. Appointments can be requested by contacting the clinic on:

01865 423425


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